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Temple Street Night Market Pictures

Leather goods are always a popular item in any market and Temple Street is no exception.  From formal belts for men to casual wallets for teens you'll find them all here in varying styles and grades of material.  There is something for every taste, style and budget and often in the same stall you'll find quite a variety on sale. If there is something particular you want but you don't see it then do ask the stall holder, often they have more stock than can be displayed at one time and will be happy to find the right thing for you if they have it stored nearby.

While on the subject of wallets, don't forget to watch your own as this is a crowded public market and sadly pick-pockets do exist here as in any big city.  While generally the market is a safe place, including at night, for children and for single ladies, it is still sensible to take normal precautions.

And if by very bad luck you should loose your wallet, don't worry as a trendy styling replacement can be quickly found on a stall such as the one pictured here!





Eaton Hotel

One of the more established hotels in the area this modern business hotel is operated by the Langham group which also runs the luxury Langham Place hotel close by.


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