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Sightseeing around Temple Street Night Market

The Yau Ma Tei district of Kowloon is one of the oldest in Hong Kong, and hence is full of interesting things to see. Temple Street can be a starting off point to see some great sights, this is only a selection of the recommended ones but check out a guide book to see the many other options around the night market.

Tin Hau Temple - The market is named for the street, and the street is named for the temple. Don't miss checking out the temple itself.  It has occupied this location from 1875 and is the most important temple in this part of Kowloon.  Not just a single temple but actually a complex of temples there are alters dedicated not only to Tin Hau but also Kwun Yum and Shing Wong.


Mido Cafe - A 1950s style Hong Kong cafe that has managed to survive almost unchanged until today. Step back into time with a trip to the Mido Cafe and enjoy HK specials like Coffee/Tea mix and French Toast with Peanut butter.

Yau Ma Tei Police Station - A historic building built in 1922 it exemplifies British Colonial style.  A Grade III Historic Building according to the antiquities department

Wholesale Fruit Market - A historic building which has many wholesalers still operating.  Mostly from 4 to 6 in the morning lorries and carts deliver fresh fruit.

Yau Ma Tei Theater - Now housing Chinese opera performances this was once a movie theater

Tung Wah Museum - A museum of Hong Kong medical sciences.

Temple Street Gallery

Vibrant sight by day and night


Get to the Night Market

Visitors and locals alike congregate in the evenings in Hong Kong's last remaining Night Market. The Night Market at Temple Street has been a fixture of the Jordan/Yau Ma Tei district since at least the 1920s and probably before.

Today it boasts market stalls with fashions and accessories, seafood and claypot rice in traditional Dai Pai Dong restaurants, fortunetellers and tarot card readers, and Cantonese Opera singers. Nowhere else in Hong Kong is such an interesting cross section of Hong Kong culture, cuisine, commerce and society to be found.


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